1 Week Aloe Vera ICE CUBE Challenge! REAL RESULTS! ACNE Skincare Update! | BiancaReneeToday

The #AloeVeraChallenge has been taken to the NEXT LEVEL! DIY ALOE VERA ICE CUBES! This week I decided rub frozen Aloe Vera on my face every morning and every night. Mornings I would leave it on for as long as possible then at night I would, sleep with it on over night and wash it off in the morning.

Let’s see what it does for my acne prone skin after one week!

Have you tried this? How did it work for your skin? Leave your story and tips below.

Aloe Vera Leaf is from Whole Foods (CA) and was $1.99. Please comment with where you have seen pure aloe vera leaves sold where you live!

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25 thoughts on “1 Week Aloe Vera ICE CUBE Challenge! REAL RESULTS! ACNE Skincare Update! | BiancaReneeToday”

  1. I’ve used aloe vera for a year and my skin is so much better. I leave it overnight. I had too much acne on my face too but now they are all gone and yes I didn’t use anything else on my face. Aloe vera is a life saviour for me.

  2. We used aloe for sun burns since childhood. It's number one! We would get bad burn and after some aloe (3-4 rubs in severe burns) it would turn to tan and the skin would not rip off. The sun is very harsh in summer in my country so no matter how much you try to be careful, one drop in the sea and you're burned. But aloe is magic for skin repair. It cures a lot of heat burns, not only sun burns.

  3. akne depends more on what u eat than what u put on ur skin,if u still eat cheap oil,industrial sugar,or u have developed a allergie against something for example milk(because of antibiotiks inside)its more promissing to have a treatment with a naturopath for ur digestiv system with some probiotiks,wish all girls the skin they like to be in

  4. Hello miss..so i was googling some aloevera cure for scars and acne .. so i found your last video that was uploaded on june 18 (the 7 day aloe challenge) after completeing that video i camee to see this one and hola… your skin really improved a hell lot…and this vdo is uploaded on dec..so from june to dec you improved your skin so much…so can u please guide me like how you improved this much and what you did …it was like a magis i saw the previous vdo with so many acne scars and acne and when i came to see this one it was like a magis ….you really did a good job miss..please guide me through…thank you 🙂

  5. So I just watched this, and I am going to try this as well! Now, my acne is not as severe, but I did notice a huge difference in my skin when I changed my diet to a complete plant based (vegan) diet. At least when I cut out dairy, my skin got phenomenally better. So I'm wondering, if you're eating dairy, maybe try cutting that out of your diet as an experiment for a couple weeks and see how your skin does?
    Thank you so much for this video though and I look forward to seeing more and trying new things 🙂 THANKS!

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