Jump Rope Beginner Basics: HIIT Workout


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Jump Rope Beginner Basics: HIIT Workout (7 Day Jump Rope Challenge Video 7)

Video Breakdown:

This is the seventh video in our new 7 day challenge beginner series. This series will also be found on the soon-to-be-released zen dude fitness app! The main goal of this series is to go from “I know nothing about jump rope” to “I feel confident doing jump rope regular bounce (basic bounce) and run in place.” This seventh video is all about working out! Enjoy and comment below!

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22 thoughts on “Jump Rope Beginner Basics: HIIT Workout”

  1. Thanks for your tutorials…. I'm a week in and starting to find form.
    Quick question… While skipping regular bounce & run in place, should my shoulders be down or back & down?
    Thanks so much !
    Tricia in Sydney

  2. i had been doing jumping ropes for a month now and I can see definition on my arms, shoulders, stomach, waist, calf! This is the best workout I have ever done! I don't need to do much weight training as I already feel pretty toned!

  3. Hey I know this is kind of late but why do u always just take so many rest how willing lose weight like that just asking as all I do is 30 mins of just regular bounce as hard as I can in your 4 week thing it always says take 10 second rest why

  4. Hey guys, so I'm one of your new subscribers and I need your help, if you could response that would be great😊😊 so I decided to do 200 calories workout on Monday and Tuesday it wasn't too bad, however on Tuesday night I came across this workout and decided I would do this one instead on Wednesday which wasn't bright idea. My gastrocnemius has been hurting for two day now. So any idea on how to loosen up my muscle ache? I would really appreciate it. I seriously can't walk straight😂😂😭😭. I've tried muscle ache relief products, hot bath but it hasn't worked😞😞

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