Most Effective Shoulder Opener for Yoga and Backbends

Tight shoulders? Learn shoulder opener practices for all level students. These are useful for everyone and can be practiced by any one. There are a few levels of intensity you can choose from.

Great for yoga and anyone that sits in front of a desk, drives or does other upper body sports.

Developing good backbends requires far more than opening the back, and in fact many of the problems people have with poses such as wheel or kapotasana, are related to tight shoulders and tight hip flexors.

The success secret is to stay in the poses for longer than you would normally in regular yoga classes. More like yin classes, where people hold poses for 3-5 minutes.

Come out slowly, and if you practice regularly, you will see very quick results.

As always, please consult a doctor before you do any of the practices shown or offered on the Doron Yoga Channel.

Most Effective Shoulder Opener for Yoga and Backbends

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