Vemma Nutrition Program – How to MARKET the Vemma Nutrition Program

The Vemma nutrition program is rock solid. Plenty of people, customers and business builders alike have experienced the many benefits of this program. But the main question from distributors is-

How can I market the Vemma nutrition program when I’ve run out of my list of friends and family?

Great question

Trust me, I know what it feels like to have a fantastic product, rock solid opportunity and nobody to share it with that cares to hear about it.

Well, let me open your eyes to a new way of looking at your Vemma business. Rather than approaching your marketing from the standpoint of EVERYONE being a potential customer, ask yourself-

Who is the ideal Vemma customer? distributor?

Once you get really clear on who your ideal prospect is, you can design a marketing strategy that gets a targeted message in front of that prospect OVER and OVER again…

That’s the secret. If you learn how to get your message in front of targeted prospects day after day…you’re going to grow a business, bottom line. You see, where most people go wrong in Vemma, and truly, ANY network marketing company for that matter is:

They don’t know how to MARKET their business to people who give a hoot about their company’s products.

They’re out there using outdated marketing methods that wastes lots of time with few results.

Learn to market, and you’ve just learned a skill of a lifetime. Learn to market your Vemma nutrition program and you’ll reach your goals this year!

Source by Jenn Lawlor

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