Whole Food Plant Based Grocery Haul / Vegan

In this video I take you guys grocery shopping with me! I show you what I typically buy in a week and the meals Im able to put together from it. Of course it is all …


25 thoughts on “Whole Food Plant Based Grocery Haul / Vegan”

  1. I am on the East Coast, Our shelves are bare, we are on restriction on purchasing food items, I’m trying my best to follow, but I’m on unable at this time to be 100% plant base , I have to buy foods that I find (whole) one thing I do not buy junk but if I have to by eggs so my family can eat that’s what I have to do. It’s sad.

  2. So my big question is where are you in the world, when did you film this, when did you go shopping? The store looked empty of people and full of food! I haven’t gone shopping since last Thursday and Trump’s announcing this as a pandemic, and nervous what I’n going to find on Tuesday when I go again…

  3. Excellent video and decided to subscribe. A whole plants foods based diet is best for your immune system and will help fight against disease including the current Coronavirus being spread throughout the world.

  4. I need to limit trips to the store and that is a great idea. The more often I go to the store the more money I spend. Even if I only get a few things it adds up! Thanks for your videos, they have been so helpful in figuring out how to eat a plant based diet. xo

  5. Thank you for sharing your shopping and eating method. Do you have salads later or just use the frozen veggies to ensure you get the maximum nonstarchy veggies? I like the idea of not really cooking with a recipe. Nonstarchy veggies on half the plate, starch on the other part, and fruit. I can do this!!! Thanks so much for all you do to help us. Social distancing 🤗 and 🙌🏾. ❤️

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